The A-FRAME is a completely new concept in guitar positioning. It is designed so that the guitarist does not have to be in an uncomfortable position in order to  hold the guitar at the proper angle. Rather, the guitarist should assume a comfortable posture and then have the ability to adjust the guitar as needed.

Designed by a guitarist, the A-FRAME provides the maximum flexibility, stability and convenience for any guitarist who prefers a seated playing position. Using it will increase your  comfort level and optimize your performance potential.


A-FRAME Features:

• Quick and easy set-up

• Adjustable in 3 dimensions:

        — Left or right

        — Up or down

        — Angle of neck

• Attaches securely to the guitar

"There are very few new ideas to be found. To be able to think beyond the  accepted mode is most difficult and discovery is slow. In reading Barbara Tuchman's A Distant Mirror, one is confronted with the specter of ancient Europeans spending millennia in smoke filled castle halls before thinking to knock a hold in the roof. It then took a few more centuries for our ancestors to think of connecting the affair with a chimney.

“It is no less foolish to be a guitarist spending hours hunched over a guitar in complete disregard for the physiognomy of muscle structure and spine than it was for the Europeans to endure tear filled eyes and tubercular lungs. The A-FRAME Adjustable Guitar Support brings the guitar comfortably to the human form. Its simple good sense is remarkable; its effect positively medicinal."

    — William Ackerman

I highly recommend the A-FRAME to all classical guitarists. It is excellent for posture and helps to avoid all unbalanced positions."  

    — David Russell

"I have tried the existing devices of the last 20 years that should alleviate back problems. The most revolutionary, helpful and practical invention is without a doubt the A-FRAME. I highly recommend the  A-FRAME to all guitar players with back problems — and to those who may get them sooner or later."

     — Konrad Ragossnig

"The A-FRAME offers an incredible range of positioning options. Most importantly, it allows the guitar to be positioned relative to the player's body — not the other way around. It is the most significant thing to happen to the guitar since the addition of the sixth string."  

    — Christopher Berg

• Locks into a stable playing positions

• Allows a more comfortable posture

• Slender shape is visually unobtrusive

• Folds flat and stores in your case

• Weighs only six ounces

• Folds to less than one inch thick

Versatile: Changing positions is simply a matter of moving the suctions cups or adjusting the length of the velcro strap. This gives you total control over the height, angle and lateral positioning of your classical or steel string guitar.

Convenient: Taking the  A-FRAME on and off does not require changing the adjustments each time. Set the strap length once and each future use is simply a matter of attaching the suction cups.

Secure: Once in place the A-FRAME will stay put. The gripping power of the suction cups is amazingly strong, and the strap will not slide on your legs, thanks to the non-slip surface.

Compact: To remove the A-FRAME, simply pull back on the edge of each suction cup and lift it off. The A-FRAME then folds flat and can be stored in your case or even in your pocket.

Questions? Contact David Stevenson: or call him at 828-768-8110. (Quantity wholesale pricing available upon request.)

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